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10 Books to Read This Summer for a Richer Retirement

By Barb | May 17, 2024

Summer’s the perfect time to get into a good book, especially one that can brighten your financial future. Chilling by the pool or curled up…

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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Money CAN Buy (Literally!)—And One is FREE!

By Barb | May 10, 2024

This Mother’s Day, why not give a gift that does more than just put a smile on her face for a day? Consider these thoughtful…

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Think You’re Ready to Retire? The Social Security Change That Might Hold You Back

By Barb | May 3, 2024

The buzz around the rise in the Social Security retirement age is hard to ignore. Let’s clear the air on what this shift means and…

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The Early Retirement Wave: Is It Right for You?

By Barb | April 26, 2024

Lately, it seems like everyone’s talking about bidding adieu to the 9-to-5 grind earlier than ever. The allure of early retirement isn’t just a daydream;…

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How Financially Literate Are You? A Self-Assessment Checklist

By Barb | April 19, 2024

April is here, and it’s not just about spring showers and blooming flowers—it’s also Financial Literacy Month. This time of year, we’re all encouraged to…

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Is It Ever Too Late to Plan for Retirement? A Straight Talk

By Barb | April 12, 2024

Wondering if the retirement ship has sailed without you? Good news: it’s never too late to get started. Even though kicking things off earlier is…

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7 Retirement Insights: Lessons I Wish We All Knew Sooner

By Barb | April 5, 2024

Retirement, huh? It’s the phase of life many of us dream about during those long office hours or endless meetings. But as many folks have…

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Ready to Start Investing with Just Pocket Change? Here’s How

By Barb | March 29, 2024

Diving into the investment world might seem like an exclusive club for those with substantial financial backing, but it’s time to break down those barriers.…

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How Parents Can Help with Student Loans Without Delaying Retirement Dreams

By Barb | March 22, 2024

Tackling college costs for our kids while keeping an eye on our own retirement? Yeah, it’s a lot. But, believe it or not, there’s a…

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8 Key Tips to Maximize Your Refund in 2024

By Barb | March 15, 2024

Tax season is here again, and if you’re retired, you’ve got some unique chances to boost your refund. The tax world can be a maze,…

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How to Create Retirement Income That Will Last Your Whole Life

By Barb | March 8, 2024

Heading into retirement is like stepping into a new phase of life where the adventure begins anew. Ensuring you’ve got a steady flow of income…

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5 Retirement Planning Mistakes Women Make and How to Correct Them

By Barb | March 1, 2024

Retirement planning can seem like a daunting task, especially with the unique set of challenges women often face. From juggling career breaks to managing a…

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