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Planning for Retirement: Exploring the Three Most Common Retirement Plan

By Barb | June 1, 2023

Retirement planning is an essential part of financial planning that requires careful consideration of various factors. One crucial aspect of retirement planning is selecting the…

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Retirement Income: What Is Considered ‘Good’ and How to Achieve It

By Barb | May 5, 2023

A good retirement income is typically one that allows you to maintain your standard of living without having to worry about running out of money…

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Retirement Planning Made Easy: 5 Key Steps to Secure Your Financial Future

By Barb | April 12, 2023

Retirement planning is an essential process that helps you achieve financial security in your golden years. It is a process that requires careful consideration and…

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Roth IRA – Convert or Contribute?

By Barb | September 4, 2019

Roth IRAs are funded with money that you’ve already paid tax on, and then they grow tax-free. This is different than traditional pre-tax funded retirement…

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement

By Barb | August 23, 2019

You’ve been saving for your retirement for decades. Don’t undermine your own plans by making these 5 common mistakes when you retire. First, don’t retire…

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What’s Your Risk Tolerance?

By Barb | August 8, 2019

Risk tolerance is the level of risk, or market ups and downs, an investor is willing and able to tolerate. An aggressive investor, one with…

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3 Ways to Boost Your Social Security Benefits

By Barb | July 31, 2019

A question we hear often is “Is it possible to increase my Social Security benefits?” The answer is yes, there are 3 basic ways you…

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Impact of Inflation in Retirement

By Barb | July 16, 2019

The medical profession refers to high blood pressure as the silent killer. In investing, the silent killer is INFLATION. The minimum return on any retirement…

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Is Tax Planning Missing in Your Retirement Planning?

By Barb | July 5, 2019

Too many retirees believe that they don’t have to do any planning in retirement. They spent years saving for their retirement and now they think…

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Don’t Let Timing Ruin Your Retirement

By Barb | June 30, 2019

Did you know that one of the greatest risks to your retirement portfolio can happen in the first years you retire? The timing of when…

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How Can Social Security and Retirement Planning Work Together For Your Benefit?

By Barb | June 26, 2019

Many people believe Social Security will pay for their retirement, but Social Security was designed to be just a complement to a pension and investments.…

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When is the Best Time to Retire?

By Barb | June 18, 2019

You might be asking yourself, “When should I retire? Should I retire early or defer it?” Deciding when to retire may not be just one…

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